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The Millennium Dome objects featured on this site are a personal collection... all of which are now located in the United States!

This collection had its start while on an initial visit to the Dome on April 7, 2000.

The Millennium Dome was a unique project. It provided the centrepiece for England's Millennium celebrations by opening on New Year's Eve and running through the year 2000. The Dome is situated on the Greenwich Peninsula on the Meridian Line. It was run by the New Millennium Experience Company (NMEC).

Celebrations like this allow us to reflect on our times... the technology, the forms of entertainment, the architecture, the international corporate culture, the styles of fashion, the politics, and the general state of who we are as a people at the turn of the millennium, are all captured for posterity.

There are any number of items I'm still seeking, perhaps you could help? A few souvenirs include: issues of the “Daily Dome”... a “Dome 2000” wall clock... a Millennium Experience Logo tea towel... a limited edition gold/silver art medal by Jacqueline Stieger... and the bronze “The Body” sculpture produced by Heredities.

Please write if you'd like to share your Millennium Dome experiences, or have additional information (or corrections) regarding any item.

Millennium Dome experiences and memories:
Frank Kelly: Actor

If you have something that's not here, and you can part with it... please let me know!

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